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Foreigners who wish to work or conduct a business in Thailand must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B” (Business Visa) at the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulates of the home country of the applicant.

The holder of this type of visa is entitled to stay in Thailand for an initial period of 90 days. Afterwards, the applicant may apply for a one year extension of stay at the Office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand, once the work permit is processed.

Holders of Non-Immigrant B Visa Extension of Stay are required to report their current address to a Thai Immigration Office on or before every 90 days (with the exception of those on a single entry 90-day visa).

If the Visa holder is planning to leave and re-enter Thailand while on a Business Visa Extension of Stay he should apply for a re-entry permit from an Immigration Office or at an international airport, prior to leaving the country in order to gain re-entry.


The Business Visa can be renewed every year within Thailand.



The retirement visa (non-immigrant O-A visa) is available for foreigners of 50 years old or older who have sufficient financial means to retire in Thailand.


The visa can be valid either for a single entry or multiple entries for a stay of 1 year in Thailand. The visa is renewable every year and the renewal process can be done inside Thailand at the Thai Immigration Department.


Main requirements:

  • Applicant must be 50 years old or older

  • Applicant must meet one of the following financial requirements:   

  1. deposit of THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account; or

  2.  monthly income of at least THB 65,000.

  • Other documents that may be required to be presented (e.g. Police Clearance and Medical Certificate).



Marriage visa (non-immigrant O) is a long term Thai visa issued to a foreign national who is married with a Thai citizen and meets the other requirements of the immigration bureau.

The Thai marriage visa holder is entitled permission to stay in Thailand without the need to exit the country. The visa is renewable every year and the renewal process can be done inside Thailand at the Thai Immigration Department.

The Thailand Marriage Visa also allows the holder to work in Thailand when the visa holder is able to obtain a valid Thai Work Permit to go along with the visa.

Supporting documents to be submitted, but not limited to:

  • Copy of Marriage Certificate for spouse 

  • Copy of passport and ID card of the Thai spouse (All copies must be signed by the Thai spouse)

  • Sponsorship letter from the Thai spouse

  • Applicant’s bank statement showing at least THB 400,000 or equivalent in other currencies for the past two months.



A work permit allows a non-Thai citizen to work and operate a business in Thailand. Once the foreigner obtains a non-immigrant visa, he may apply for a work permit in Thailand at the Thai Ministry of Labour.


In order to apply for a work permit for a foreign employee is required the the foreign worker previously holds a business visa or marriage visa, and the employer company must have least at two million baht fully paid-up as registered capital for each work permit application. However, if the foreign employee has a Thai spouse, its only required a registered capital of one million baht.

Thai limited companies may be granted to maximum 10 work permits each. However, the BOI-promoted companies have special right concerning the issuance of work permit and visa for foreign employees working on specific projects as technical experts.


The Thai Elite Visa is a long-term visa given to the Thailand Privilege Card members.

This program managed by the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited which has gained its state-owned enterprise status within the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) as its sole shareholder.

The purpose of the program is that high-earning foreigners may have the opportunity to obtain a long-term multiple entry visa.

Main benefits:

  • 5 renewable multiple entry visa with an extendable one-year length of stay.

  • Uninterrupted stay in Thailand without the usual requirement to leave the country every 90 days or do visa runs as with the other visa types.

  • Exclusive Fast Track immigration and passport control upon arrival and departure.

  • Additional benefits such as airport transportation services to complimentary golf, spa treatments and annual hospital check-ups; as well as a host of shopping, hotel, resort and dining experiences.

Main requirements:

  • Being a holder of a foreign passport

  • Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws, which means the applicant has no overstay record in Thailand.

  • Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed to negligence.

  • Not having been adjudicated bankrupt.

  • Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence.

Restricted countries for Thai elite visa application:

  • Africa: Central Africa, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sao Tome, and Principe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Sudan.

  • Middle East: Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen.

  • Asia: North Korea, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri-Lanka.

*Our team will review the current list of restricted countries at the time of application

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